10 Reasons You Want a Glass Table Top

You can choose to have a table made out of almost any material there is. Here are ten reasons you want to have your table top made out of glass.

1. It Just Looks Cool

There is something about glass that just looks cool. It can easily be used in a variety of design styles from vintage to modern to art deco and beyond. These days, you can find a number of sites like saturnoglassandmirror.com and others that focus on a number of glass table top styles and can even handle custom orders to fit more specific styles.

2. Ease of Cleaning

There is nothing like cleaning up after a messy meal. There is also nothing like cleaning up after a messy meal when you have the convenience of glass table tops. No staining, no worrying, and no fussing when you simply use soap and water to clean up.

3. Open Your Space Up

You can open your space up by using glass in your decorations. A glass table top will give the illusion of having more space and opening up the room.

4. Protection Against Harmful Rays

You can use tinted glass table tops to protect belongings, collectibles, and other items from damaging sun rays. UV rays can fade and damage a number of materials before you even know it.

5. Draw Focus to Other Design Elements

When we design a room, we want to make sure people notice the work and thought we put into every aspect of the design. A glass table top can help draw attention to things like a designer rug or eye-catching centerpiece.

6. Glass is a Team Player

Glass can look great alone on a nice metal frame. Glass can also look great as a cover for that old wooden table you have had for years.

7. The Price is Right

Glass is affordable on almost any budget. When you add in the low maintenance and care costs, glass only makes cents.