3 Reasons for a Landlord to Hire a Lawyer

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant can sometimes get complicated. Maybe you need to evict a problematic tenant, or you are being accused of causing injuries to a tenant. Whatever the reasons, it’s always a good idea to have contact with an expert lawyer to help with any arising issues. Here are three reasons why you as a landlord might need to hire a lawyer.

  1. Evicting a tenant

While evicting a tenant is not as time consuming as regular civil cases, there are very high detailed rules involved. You will need to inform the tenant of the lawsuit, file the right papers and forms, and be aware of state laws regarding landlords and tenants. Judges require high standards and reason as to why you are choosing to evict a tenant. Since this involves the tenant’s home, judges often set standards quite high when it comes to ruling in the favor of the landlord. A lawyer will help minimize the stress and guide you through the entire process. You may need a lawyer when evicting a tenant if it’s your first time evicting a tenant, if the tenant has a lawyer to help fight the eviction, if the tenant is your employee who you are firing, or if the tenant is filing for bankruptcy

  1. Being sued or investigated

For discrimination

If a tenant or prospect feels that they were discriminated against, they have a right to take you to court. HUD might decide to investigate the case if the evidence adds up. A minimum fine of $16,000 per violation is possible if it’s your first offense. If this happens, then hiring an attorney at law is a good idea when it comes to resolving the issue before an administrative judge takes a look at the case. Plus, a lawyer can help ensure you stay away from bad press and ill business reputation.

For injury

If a tenant claims they were injured or developed an illness during their stay at the rental property, they can hold you accountable. Whether or not you were responsible for the claims, hiring a lawyer will help get you through the emotional process since it is the tenants well-being at the center of the case.

Hopefully, your tenants will be understanding and not give you any trouble. To help minimize the chance of getting stuck with an ill-suited tenant, get free tenant screening online and find the right tenant for your property.

  1. Audits

You don’t always need a lawyer if audits are made on your return by the Internal Revenue Service or your state tax agency. However, if there’s a lot of money involved in a messy lawsuit, then a lawyer can help ensure that you don’t make any serious mistakes. For instance, if you make a miscalculation on your taxes, such as not reporting an income or claiming deductions, then a lawyer can help to reveal the mistake before auditors find it themselves. This avoids any damaging or embarrassing situations.

As a landlord, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities, yet there are times when complications arise and you need to ask for help. In these situations, it’s best to hire a lawyer to help you through the difficulties. It may seem financially impractical to have an attorney on retainer. But when faced with certain problems, having a lawyer at hand can save you thousands of dollars. Rather than wait for bad things to happen, talk to a lawyer and let them help you walk through these situations successfully.