Advocating for Your Best Interests in Court

When you have been charged with a crime, you have the right to defend yourself in court. By law, you are entitled to have a lawyer represent you and make a case for why you should not be convicted and punished.

Before you submit to questioning or agree to a plea bargain, it can be important for you to speak with a law firm, court mediator, or fairfax criminal defense lawyer first. You can retain the legal counsel you need by going online today.

Criminal Defense Areas

Before you decide what lawyer to hire, it can be crucial that first make sure the attorney you are considering has experience in the specific area of law in which your case will be handled. For example, if you have been charged with a DUI, you do not want to hire a bankruptcy attorney to take your case. You need someone who has argued and successfully defended DUI cases like yours in the past.

You can make sure the attorney you want to hire is experienced in this area of law by visiting the firm’s website. The types of cases the firm has handled in the past are listed on the website. You can make sure your type of case is one that the firm can handle competently.


You also may want to speak to the attorney before you actually retain him or her for your case. You can set up a consultation with the lawyer so you can ask specific questions about how your case might be handled. You want to know if you have a case that can be successfully defended in court or if it would be better for you to take a plea deal.

The attorney is available for an initial consultation, which you can arrange either by calling or using the online chat option on the website. You can give specifics about your charges, explain what happened, and begin taking part in your own defense. You could beat the charges against you or have them reduced when you hire legal counsel.