But I Did Everything Right!

Law+SchoolI thought the legal neighborhood would like to know Cardozo’s plans for maintaining its employment numbers. Over the previous few months I’ve studied the current operating budgets of a representative sample of the nation’s 202 ABA-accredited legislation schools (there are several dozen non-ABA law faculties in America, principally in California, whose operations I know nothing about). The solely potential clarification is that constructive knowledge concerning the outcomes for law graduates of schools akin to Pace merely does not exist. Conclusion: In the ultimate evaluation, Brooklyn Law Sewer is desperate for asses in seats. In the short time I’ve been a lawyer, I’ve single-handedly deterred a half-dozen potential law college students.

I talked her via it somewhat with out making an attempt to be patronizing or condescending like so many law school deans, directors, professors and others do these days to whoever will hear and is still dumb enough to pass over money and their future for a fraud. Tuition: In-state residents attending this public bathroom on a full-time basis are being hit with an enormous-ass tuition bill of $31,824 – for the 2014-2015 college year.

As I have said dozens of instances on this weblog, regulation professors” and directors DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about you, the scholar or recent graduate. Academic research from Professor Harper at Northwestern has confirmed that Villanova Law is in the backside third problematic sub-tier for legal employment outcomes. Also, out of the 58 BYU grads working in personal legislation corporations, solely five landed posts in workplaces of 251-500 attorneys, while 9 reported being hired by firms with 501 or extra lawyers. First, it must be famous that Florida and New Jersey has eliminated its regulation addressing this.

There is nothing that I wanted extra inside an internship than huge amounts of vital considering, especially when planning on going into the regulation field. They dwell in a pseudo-mental world that spurns rigor in favor of private narratives and impressions. Schools needs to be handled as businesses and they should not be receiving tax dollars on this scale or in this method.

I think I’ll be capable to provide a whole lot of fascinating, and even perhaps helpful, evaluation here, but on the finish of the day, it’s as much as the person legislation college applicant to put collectively functions and software methods tailor-made to his or her own hopes and objectives. Hell, a two week supply of toilet paper is worth greater than a JD from TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law. The seven colleges with lower median LSAT scores than TTTT Cooley – for first year lemmings – ought to immediately be shut down and transformed into petting zoos or farmers markets.