How To Get Your Shoplifting Charges Dismissed

Many families are going through hard times and living paycheck to paycheck. It is frustrating to go in the grocery store and not have enough money. You decide to steal a pack of steaks to treat your family. Your heart was in a good place, but it is against the law to steal. Read on to find out how to get your shoplifting charges dismissed.

Get Your Bail

If you are arrested for shoplifting, then you are taken to the jail and booked. The arresting officers present the police report to a judge. Your judge can make the decision to allow you to leave on your own recognizance. If not, you have to pay a bail to get of jail before court.

Call A Bail Company

A bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado company can help you with making bail. They work with lenders to help defendants with getting out of jail. To get a bail bond, you have to sign a contract and pay a fee for the loan. The bail bond agent can pay the bail on your behalf to the court. However, you must show up for your court hearings after getting out of jail.

Talk To Your Lawyer About A Citation

You are going to need an experienced lawyer to get your charges reduced. If the stolen item was of low value, then you might be able to get it down to an infraction. It would depend on your location and the amount of the stolen item. A citation does not result in any jail time or probation.

If the judge is not willing to throw out the charge, then you have other options. Your lawyer can try to negotiate it down to a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor can still not result in jail time.

If you are in legal trouble then you should always hire your own lawyer. It is also important to learn from your mistakes to prevent repeat behavior.