Inside The Law School Scam (2)

Law+SchoolWait for Cockroach Nicholas Allard in charge this HUGE drop on the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the Van Allen belts, or the shooter on the grassy knoll. Amusingly, Simkovic contradicts most different law college apologists, who’re arguing that yeah, going to regulation faculty in 2008 was retrospectively a terrible choice, but The Big Lawyer Shortage is right around the nook, and you may get in on the ground flooring of this shortage and make the massive bucks by enrolling in law college in 2015.

Also, funnily sufficient that Hell ought to come into this discussion about law (and I do not simply imply as a result of regulation, between working in that area and dealing the backbreaking legislation college debts, can feel like Hell); weirdly enough, simply last night I was at a pal’s house watching that Spawn animated collection, and the way that one dude’s widow was a lawyer who was coping with some aggravating pro bono cases.

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who desires to steal thunder away from those who do nicely in legislation school, but attending regulation college has made me imagine steadfastly that a number of the best future legal expertise lies in these individuals who struggle via it. We dwell in an period the place regulation faculties and business colleges try to show themselves as the one real useful training that increased education has to offer, outside of maybe med college and engineering college.

Let’s face it, the more serious thing about law professors is a cultural sameness – costume, vocabulary, mannerisms, appeals to authority, appearance of reflectiveness, legislation colleges from which they graduated, socioeconomic class, passive aggression, close to the vest, by no means admitting errors or regrets, life is a life time negotiation, excessive self curiosity, blah, blah – I know I am a broken report.