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Family+Law+AttorneyAt Loyola, top-of-the-line views of the campus and downtown Los Angeles is from inside the highest ground of the Minyard Tower. However, sperm donors might be much less keen to donate to people in Kansas after District Court Judge Mary Mattivi held that as a result of William Marotta and the same-intercourse couple he donated sperm to failed to secure the services of a doctor in the course of the artificial insemination process, he was not entitled to the identical protections given different sperm donors beneath Kansas legislation.

And where M.G.L. c. 208, § 31 supplies mother and father with full access to a minor’s medical records, suppliers who declare that they can’t talk or work with mother and father who lack legal custody appear on HIPAA or other grounds who look like, well, simply making it up. There is solely no statutory regulation or case law that supports the notion that a mum or dad who lacks authorized custody can’t consent to medical remedy on behalf of their child.

Since 2004, Salinger’s firm – at which all four legal professionals additionally serve as judge pro tems – has been embroiled in a legal malpractice case alleging more than $1 million in damages in opposition to the firm and associate Thomas Woodruff Salinger is an officer of the Family Law Executive Committee of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Section, and a graduate of McGeorge School of Law.

Most Sacramento Family Court attorneys are members of the Sacramento Bar Association , formally referred to as the Sacramento County Bar Association The Sacramento Bar Association has a Family Law Section and a Family Law Executive Committee identified by the acronym FLEC The Sacramento County Family Law Section Executive Committee consists of CHAIR Russell Carlson , VICE CHAIR Elaine Van Beveren , TREASURER Fredrick Cohen , and SECRETARY Paula Salinger The PAST CHAIR is Judith Winn.