Law School Scambusting Resources (3)

Texas Law college students grow to be rigorous analytical thinkers and world-changing professionals. Schools like Public School 261, are constructed subsequent to a morticians workplace, next door to a former roller-skating rink, and it faces Jerome Avenue, with a flagpole with no flag, no signal identifying the school as a sign; subsequent to the school there’s an elevated public transit line; heavy site visitors fills the road; the school is virtually concealed within this overcrowded metropolis block.

If this sounds like a rip-off, that’s as a result of it’s. Florida Coastal, in Jacksonville, is certainly one of six for-profit regulation colleges within the nation which were vacuuming up hordes of young people, charging them outrageously excessive tuition and, after most of the college students fail to become legal professionals, sticking taxpayers with the tab for their mortgage defaults.

On the other hand, through the first trial of Butler and Robideau, the jury heard proof of a Tribal President named Dickie Wilson who had all but declared martial law on the Reservation with brutalities and hundreds of unsolved murders, presumably at the hands of Wilson’s aggressive police pressure—all with the latent blessings of the FBI, which did not intervene.

It is a scandal of monumental proportion that legislation schools have ratcheted up the tutoring to astronomical heights, NOT taught their college students learn how to follow law (surgeons DO learn how to CUT in medical school AND thank God they do, so is there shame, regulation schools, in educating regulation college students HOW to apply legislation?), and permitted non, or never, practitioners to show.