Philadelphia Bail Bonds Company Can Help Arrested People

Jails are a part of society. They’re needed to contribute to law and order and to keep society working efficiently. As residents of Philadelphia, if you, a family member, or a friend is arrested, a Philadelphia bail bonds company, like Liberty Bail Bonds, can help. A bail bond system is one where a person who has been arrested is given the opportunity to stay out of jail until the time of trial. A bail bondsman will post the bail for the defendant, with the defendant, or friends or family of the accused, paying a percentage of the fee upfront. This fee is typically non-refundable. A bail bondsman is a necessary service for defendants who cannot afford the cost of bail.

Not all States Allow for Bondsman

To take advantage of a bondsman, your particular state has to allow it. Pennsylvania is a state that allows bail bondsman. However, states like Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Maine, for examples, do not allow private bail bondsman. You must go through the court system.

There are Ways to Get Out of Jail and Paying a Bondsman Is One of Them

When you have been arrested, unless the judge allows you to be free until the time of trial, you’ll be placed in jail until trial. However, there are various ways to get out of jail until your trial approaches. You can pay the full amount of the bail to prevent you from having to sit in prison until your trial. Or, instead of cash, working with the court system, you can use your property as collateral for staying out of jail. Or, you can use a bail bonds company. Cash payment can be paid to a bails bond company as well as the use of collateral such as real estate, cars, jewelry, bank accounts, etc. Whatever premium you paid to a bails bond for yourself or for someone you know it will be lost if the defendant (you or someone else) is arrested again.

A Bail Bonds Is Available for a Variety of Charges

There are various crimes that are committed. Some of them are misdemeanors and considered rather minor. But some of them are felonies and considered serious. However, no matter the crime, a bail bondsman works to keep a defendant out of jail until he or she faces trial.

There Are Many Kinds Of Bonds

When you work with a bail bondsman in Philadelphia, there are a variety of solutions available. A surety bond is paid to guarantee that a defendant appears for all of his or her hearings. Misdemeanor bonds are unique solutions designed for crimes that are not felonies, whereas federal bonds are focused on more serious crimes. Appeal bonds work with the appeal process and are ideal for criminal cases. Other bonds are available such as immigration bonds, and more.

Living in the state of Philadelphia has its advantages. One of them is being able to use a bail bondsman if the unfortunate situation arises where you or a friend or loved one ends up in jail.