Retaining Legal Help to File a Claim

After working for your employer for years, you may be shocked and saddened to learn that your job exposed you to toxic chemicals and substances. You may have had no idea that you would end up with a deadly or fatal disease that can now be directly linked to your employment.

It also is not right that you should carry the financial burden that comes with seeking treatment for your illness. By filing a claim against your employer for fibrosis, COPD, or asbestos lung disease pittsburgh pa workers like you could get the financial help you need to fight your condition and focus on making the most of your life.

Linking Your Illness to Your Job

Your employer may have a team of lawyers working for the company. The legal team working for your former company is ready to prove that your job did not cause your illness and thus you are not eligible for any type of compensation. Going up against these lawyers can be a formidable task if you were to attempt it all alone.

When you have a lawyer of your own, however, you get the legal expertise and help you need to prove your claim. Your attorney can subpoena records from your employer, gather evidence to bolster your claim, and show the judge or jury that you were not responsible for making yourself sick.

Your employer may want to stay out of the courtroom once it realizes you have your own lawyer working for you. It may be ready to offer you a settlement to keep the case out of court.

Before you accept a settlement, you can have your attorney review it and make sure it is more than fair to you. The settlement should address your current medical and financial needs as well as those you will have in the future.

An attorney can be a valuable ally when you are fighting for your rights in court. You can pursue a lawsuit or accept a fair settlement that will cover your medical and financial expenses by hiring a skilled attorney to represent you today.