Students Seek remedy to Gun Violence

Congressman Brian Higgins of Western New York held a two-hour meeting with a group of local uptown high students to talk about gun reform. This gathering, held at Congressman Higgins’ Larkin Exchange office was inspired by the students’ call for justice following the Florida school shootings.

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Akhilesh Ramakrishna of Clarence High School junior stated that the main reason students advocated for the meeting was to present their views and opinions to politicians and also hear from politicians. The students made it clear that their wish is not to deny citizens their second amendment right, but they are merely pushing for reforms concerning assault weapons.

“We aren’t trying to snatch your guns away; we are only trying to let you know what this debate about!” Anna Engle of East Aurora High School stressed “But the calls for gun reform are generating some backlash. “I have gotten quite a lot of backlash about it.”

On the other hand, those opposing gun reforms have also been trying hard to intimidate students, so they give up on their efforts to fight for change. This mockery has gotten so far student seniors have reported cases of coercion on the streets from the opposition.

Higgins urged students not to quite pressing for gun reforms stressing that there will be no change if no one is putting pressure on lawmakers.

The Congressman added that any weapon of mass destruction is an assault weapon because they are designed for mass murder.

Congressman Collins’ Resistance

Higgins launched a “Students for Action” forum on April 7 at St. Paul’s Cathedral which Congressman Chris Collins refused to attend. In a response through his spokesman, Sarah Minkel, Congressman Collins purported that he won’t get involved in the “partisan trap”.

“progressive organizations like Citizens Against Collins have co-supported this debate to spread false information in support of the heir anti-2nd Amendment agenda. But instead of playing into a partisan trap, Collins will continue focusing on productive discussions on important issues facing the nation,” added Minkel.

Ramakrishna still feels the issue is unaddressed. “The only statement we’ve gotten was the one saying ‘the radical partisans have co-opted the Parkland tragedy’.  I think his thing is that we are just puppets in this big orchestration and we’re just trying to push our political agenda!”


Gun merchant account holders should stay put amid the claims for a change in the gun reforms. Students have made it clear what their intentions are— to regulate the use of firearms.

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