Things You May Not Know About Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one get themselves in trouble with the law, it may lead to an arrest. If it is the first time being arrested, then you may be very unfamiliar with the process of setting bail. Most people are not aware of what exactly a bail is for, how to pay it and how a bail bondsman helps the process. Even experienced Clark County bail bonds agents, such as the ones found at, may not be aware of some of the following pieces of information.

Not Available In All States

One thing that many people don’t know is that bail bonds are not available in every state. States such as Kentucky, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Washington D.C. do not allow bail bonds agents. Bail bonds services are private lending services that have to be legally allowed. Many areas restrict these services. In areas where there are no bail bonds companies, those who get arrested will have to pay their full bail amount to get released before their court date.

Paying Bail Is Not Always Best Route

If you choose to pay your bail in full with cash, you may cause more problems for yourself than you would like. When you pay a bail, it is a long-term financial investment that can cause havoc on your personal financial situation. When you hire the help of a bail bonds agent, you will only have to pay a small portion of your bail up front. The agent will then work with you to set up an affordable payment plan that you can easily pay for without causing yourself financial stress.

Not everyone who gets arrested is going to need to pay bail. In some cases, a person will be let out of jail based on their own recognizance. This means that you will be able to leave jail for free until your court date. To qualify for this, you will most likely have to be a first-time offender and have been arrested for a non-violent crime. If you are at a high risk of fleeing, you may not be able to get out without hiring a bail bonds agent to help with posting your bail amount.