Types of Bail Bonds

You probably know that you need to purchase a bail bond if you’re arrested and you’re unable to post bail yourself, but you might not know that there are different kinds of bonds available. The one you need will depend on your situation, so here’s a brief rundown of the bonds that might be available if you need them.

Misdemeanor Bonds

Misdemeanor bonds are reserved for misdemeanors. These are generally less expensive than other types of bonds to match the less severe nature of the crime. You might need a misdemeanor bond if you are arrested for harassment or simple assault.

Felony Bonds

You’ll need a felony bond if you are charged with a felony such as aggravated assault or drug distribution. They are reserved for charges that are serious and will almost certainly result in a prison sentence if you are convicted, but not so serious that you aren’t allowed to be released if you post bail. Naturally, they are more expensive than misdemeanor bonds.

PFA Bonds

A PFA bond might be needed if you are arrested for domestic abuse and there is an order of protection against you. It’s meant to protect the alleged victim by keeping you from them.

Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are needed if the defendant is being charged with a crime that is related to their immigration status in the United States.

Extradition Bonds

Finally, an extradition bond is necessary if you are wanted by authorities in a different state. In most cases, you would be extradited to the state in which you are being charged, but an extradition bond will allow you to remain out of police custody so that you can put together your case and travel to the necessary state when you are scheduled to appear in court instead of days or weeks before your court date.

If you are ever in need of a bail bond of any type in Allentown, PA, know that there is always assistance available to you. You can find a good bail bondsman near you simply by Googling “bail bonds Allentown PA” or something similar. A good bondsman will work with you to ensure that you receive the bail bond that you need.