What You Need To Know About Using A Notary Public

Most people have heard the term notary public, but not everyone knows what a notary public is or what it does. A notary public is actually a person and they hold a fairly important role in the business community. If you are going to start your own business or you are planning on starting a business career, then it is a good idea to become familiar with the idea of a notary public.

What A Notary Public Does

A notary public acts as a legal witness to contract documents and attests to the authenticity of the signatures on the documents. When you hire a notary, you must be prepared to have all document signers apply their signatures in the presence of the notary. Most common agreements such as bank loans and real estate transactions require a notary’s signature to finalize the documents.

How Does Someone Become A Notary?

In order to become a notary, you have pass a test for your county’s notary public license. You can choose online or hard copy studying materials, and many areas allow you to take your notary test online. Your license has to be renewed regularly, and you are also responsible for your own official supplies such as your notary stamp and your seal.

Where Do I Find A Notary?

You can usually do an online search to find notaries in your area that you can hire. In most situations, a hired notary will come to your location to observe contract signatures and notarize the document. Attorneys and judges are notaries, and some offer their services to the public. Some banks in your area also offer free notary services on certain days and at certain times.

Anyone who passes the notary test can become a notary public. If you would like to add the title of notary to your current professional resume or you would like to become licensed to make extra money, all you need to do is find out where and when you can take the notary test in your area.